What is electroporation?

Biological Cell

Biological Cell

Cell membrane separates the cell from its surrounding environment and provides selective transport.

Electroporated Cel

Electroporated Cell

If a cell is exposed to an external electric field, cell membrane permeability is temporarily increased allowing molecules otherwise deprived of transport mechanisms to cross the cell membrane.



As electroporation is a transient phenomenon, after some time the cell membrane reseals and the transported molecules remain trapped inside the cell.

Biological Cell

Cell membrane separates the cell from its surrounding environment and provides selective transport.

Electroporated Cell

If the external electric field is strong enough, the cell membrane is permanently disrupted causing cell death.


Electrochemotherapy and ablation with irreversible electroporation (IRE) rely on achieving a good electric field distribution in the clinical target volume.

VISIFIELD can be used to visualize the electric field of the actual patient in three dimensions with electrode positions under your control. Using these results, you can ensure electroporation of the whole clinical target volume and a successful electrochemotherapy or IRE treatment.

Planning or running an electrochemotherapy or IRE clinical trial? Contact us, we can provide support with electric field visualization in order to maximize treatment outcome and patient’s benefit.


The phenomenon of electroporation is used in different research areas: medicine, cell biology, food processing, biotechnology, and others.

VISIFIELD can be used to visualize the electric field distribution in biological tissues and cell cultures and provides accurate visualization that ensures high-fidelity numerical modeling for research purposes.

Doing research in the field of electroporation or writing an article? Contact us, we can help with numerical modeling.


Tissue ablation with Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) has been used for treating various tumors, including in the brain. It requires accurate patient-specific planning, as the whole tumor area needs to be ablated.

VISIFIELD can be used to visualize the electric field of the actual veterinary patient, and provides accurate results that ensure electroporation of the whole tumor area, thus a successful IRE treatment.

Planning or running an IRE-based practice or study? Contact us, we can help with electric field visualization.


Make sure that you exactly understand the electroporation phenomenon. Numerical modeling is the way to go!

VISIFIELD can be used to visualize electric fields and change input parameters, such as field strength or electrode number and positions, in order to observe the electric field distribution based on those parameters.

Do you require an electroporation education tool? Contact us, we can help with electric field visualization.


VISIFIELD is web-based software that takes your medical images (DICOM), generates an accurate 3D tissue model, and returns an easily understandable PDF with the model and detailed information about its electric field distribution. No more guessing what electric pulses you need to set for a successful procedure – VISIFIELD lets you know in advance.

VISIFIELD assists you and guides you throughout the entire process, from importing medical images to 3D model generation and, finally, downloading the PDF with results. You can use VISIFIELD yourself – no need for engineering staff or computer knowledge!

Do you think someone should take a look at your problem? Not a problem at all – take advantage of our engineering staff for your specific case. Connect to a VISIFIELD engineer within the software and send your 3D model for manual expert evaluation from our team.

How does this tool work?

Import DICOM images from your browser.

Create a new case in VISIFIELD – drag and drop the DICOM images
in the browser and you're ready to go.

Perform segmentation to isolate your target tissue.

Select the target organ type and let the software automatically extract it from uploaded slices. Alternatively, you can manually segment any tissue or organ, including tumors.

Manually correct the automatically generated contours.

You can always validate and correct the automatic segmentation results in order to have an accurate and representative 3D model.

Automatic or Expert-supported calculations of electric field distribution.

Insert virtual electrodes into the 3D model and calculate the electric field distribution – either automatically using VISIFIELD, or by sending the generated model to one of our engineering staff to take care of it for you.

Download a PDF with electric field distribution in your real-case model.

Finally, you receive a PDF with the accurate 3D model based on the imported images and visualization of electric field distribution in the model. The PDF also includes required voltages to be applied on electrode pairs and predicted electric currents.

The Team behind VISIFIELD

VISIFIELD is a spin-out from University of Ljubljana and has been awarded by the rector as the best innovation of University in Ljubljana in 2012.

Bor Kos
Bor Kos, Ph. D.
Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering

Researcher with extensive experience in numerical modeling of electromagnetic phenomena in biological tissues. He is passionate about using his experience to bring the best results of electroporation-based treatments to patients.

Marija Marčan, Ph. D.
Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering

Former researcher with University of Ljubljana, now working at University of Oxford. Specialized in automatic segmentation algorithms and numerical modeling.

Tadeja Forjanič, M. Sc.
M. Sc. in Medical Physics

Researcher and Ph.D. candidate with University of Ljubljana, specialized in medical image processing, segmentation and registration.

Denis Pavliha, Ph. D.
Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering

Associate member, professionally active with the Slovenian largest healthcare IT provider. With relevant knowledge in the fields of system integrations, web development and UX.

prof. Damijan Miklavčič, Ph.D.
Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering

One of the world leading experts in electroporation and chair of the COST TD1104 Action which is a consortium connecting 541 researchers from 222 institutions and 41 countries - world-class experts on electroporation, working on research and applications of electroporation across the industrial and scientific spectrum.

prof. Gregor Serša, Ph.D.
Ph. D. in Radiobiology

Head of a research group in the field of experimental oncology. Mainly active in using electroporation as a mean for the transport of cytostatic drugs into tumor cells, and electroporation-facilitated gene therapy.

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